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Would you benefit from the convenience of a tap fitted in your garden, or maybe its time for that new bathroom suite you have been promising yourself.

Here at Aveat we have the knowledge and over 35 years of experience to ensure you get expert advice and a trouble free installation no matter what your plumbing requirement. 


Outside Tap Installation

Gutters and Rainwater Downpipes Fitted

Leaks / Burst Pipes Repaired

Stop Cock Replacement

WC Syphon Replacement

Water Softener Fitting

Washing Machine / Dishwasher plumbing

Bathroom Suites Installed

Showers Fitted

Taps Replaced

Taps Re- Washered

Disabled and Special Needs Facility Experts.

Call us now on 01376 341653 when a member of Aveats experienced team will provide you with a prompt, polite and professional service.